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Winston Churchill said to pay more attention to what people do than what they say.

“Bitcoin is dead,” we hear repeatedly in the media. Cryptocurrency is a haven for criminals, and a recent poll showed that Bitcoin and the disastrously failed FTX exchange are the two most hated brands in the United States.

But some well-known companies in North America may disagree.

Many People and Companies Are Eyeing BTC

The annual Axios Harris Poll 100 survey rates people’s reputations. It is conducted by the well-known market research company Harris Poll and the well-known news website Axios. This survey examines how the public perceives leading brands in the United States. A group of 16,310 Americans was asked questions to find out which companies stand out in their minds and whether they evoke excellent or wrong feelings in people.

Decrypt looked closely at the 2023 report and found that Patagonia, an outdoor gear company, is now the top brand in its field, while the Trump Organization is at the bottom. Our research aimed to find out where the best U.S. brands are in the Web3 and Bitcoin world.

FTX is slightly ahead of Trump in the rankings, ranking 99th, while Bitcoin is behind at 93rd. Although the two names born of blockchain did not perform well, the winners are very open to digital assets.

A recent poll showed that many U.S. residents believe artificial intelligence could harm humans.

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Companies Are Willing to Accept Bitcoins as Payment

Chick-Fil-A, a well-known fast-food restaurant chain, is very interested in doing business in the Bitcoin world. As a prominent player in the industry, they are currently the fifth most prominent fast food restaurant chain in the United States. The company has filed for various trademarks, indicating its desire to enter the world of the NFT and the meta-universe.

In sixth place, we have Toyota Motor Corporation, next to Chick-Fil-A.

Blockchain is expected to be a key technology in the era of constant connectedness, where data will link all things and services. The vast car company announced this by announcing its official plans to open a Toyota Blockchain Lab next year.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche Enter the Cryptocurrency World

According to a study released by the auto industry earlier this year, a detailed analysis of the future of Web3, NFT, blockchain, and digital wallets was conducted. Yahoo! Finance reported it. The article stated that major companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Subaru, and Jaguar would likely be involved in cryptocurrency.

Kellogg, ranked 26th in the Axios Harris Poll, has entered the Web3 game with its famous Pop-Tarts snacks. It’s a shift from traditional industries to the food industry.

Sony Invests in NFT, and Pfizer Invests in DAO

Sony’s latest NFT patent application shows that PlayStation software can move to Web3 use.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is in the middle of the list, at number 50, and is very involved in cryptocurrency. By investing in VitaDAO during a recent funding round, Pfizer Ventures is taking a step into the world of autonomous science. As of 2019, the company above is also part of a task force exploring the potential of distributed ledger technology in supply chain management.

Not surprisingly, some tech companies are the first to start doing research and development or business related to cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Sony, which is now ranked in the 12th position, moved up one spot by submitting a new patent application for NFT. It is possible that PlayStation will enter the market for web3 games as a result of this. Meanwhile, Samsung, a big name in the industry, has demonstrated a Smart TV invention allowing people to buy NFTs from their homes.

While many of the names listed have not said anything about their interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, or Web3, there are several names that have been actively involved in this space for several years. It remains to be seen whether others will join them in the future.

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