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The SEC’s decision to call BUSD, a stablecoin, an unregistered investment has confused many people in the crypto community. It has led to questions about how to classify other stablecoins.

The SEC’s Decision Was Unequivocal

The SEC has made it clear that digital assets such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), ripple (XRP), Legoland (ALGO), Tron (TRX), and file coin (FIL) are stocks. ICOs (initial coin offerings) are an excellent example of this.

Interestingly, the commissioners called Terra (UST), the stablecoin associated with Terra Luna (LUNA) Do Kwon, an investment contract. Several people quickly ruled out the securities classification in question because UST seemed untenable and was based on the algorithmic structure of the hyperinflationary LUNA coin.

On Monday, the SEC caused a stir by saying that BUSD, Binance’s stablecoin that trades near $1, had not been listed as a security. Paxos runs the stablecoin operating structure, ensuring the ecosystem is vital.

Changpeng Zhao Also Came Under Investigation

In light of recent events, it’s essential to know that the SEC has started a lawsuit against the people running and Binance US, including their famous founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ). People say that Binance ran much of Binance US’s business in secret and did things that violated many U.S. stock rules.

Why a Stablecoin Can Be Considered a Security

The SEC claims that BUSD was advertised as a financial contract. People say that Binance and its founder tried to hide critical information about BUSD that an intelligent investor needs to know to make a sound investment decision.

Binance, like many other stablecoin companies, promised to maintain the value of BUSD at or near one U.S. dollar. By making such a promise, Binance may seem like buying BUSD won’t make any money for sellers.

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The Howey test, adopted by the U.S. Supreme Court, is what the SEC believes Binance used to sell BUSD as a security. This was because the complete BUSD environment at Binance was able to attract investors.

Lots of Ways to Make Money for Binance

The SEC said everyone who owned BUSD had invested in a business with Binance. This led to the creation of the BUSD ecosystem, which gives Binance and BUSD users new ways to make money.

SEC provided more details about the BUSD ecosystem, which Binance offers as a critical part of its BUSD marketing efforts.

According to the case, the money investors earned from buying BUSD was put into reserves, and Binance received 50% of the profits from investing in these pooled assets, which grew as more investors believed in BUSD.

Binance then used some of the proceeds to improve and expand Binance’s network, making it easier for BUSD to make money.

From the beginning, Binance showed investors how they could make money from BUSD by offering the different annual percentage yields (APYs) they could earn depending on how much BUSD they held.

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