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The Ethereal Equity trading platform is one of the most outstanding features of the broker because it makes trading very simple and easy for everyone.
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EtherealEquity Review

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The convenience of online trading is what made it popular in the first place; you can trade no matter where you are or what time it may be. Who does not enjoy that kind of flexibility? It is undoubtedly great and it is all thanks to online brokers that you are able to do so. But, you need to remember that the broker has to be a decent and professional one for you to be able to enjoy all the conveniences you want.

This EtherealEquity review introduces you to one such platform and you should take a look if you have been searching for one to start your venture in the financial markets.

It is a decision where most traders struggle because there are too many platforms that seem to be a good fit. I went through the same process and had to learn the hard way that most of the brokers advertise one thing and deliver something else. Therefore, when I found EtherealEquity, I was surprised that this broker lived up to everything it said. You can find more details in the review below.

Numerous assets

To start, the numerous assets that the EtherealEquity broker offers makes it a convenient option for any trader who is looking to create a diversified portfolio in the long run. Rather than signing up on multiple platforms to trade assets in different markets, you can trade them on one platform.

EtherealEquity trading assets

These include forex currency pairs, digital currencies, stocks, commodities and indices and even ETFs. The variety is quite impressive because they are some of the top assets from the market and this gives traders access to maximum opportunities, while they can keep risks low through diversification.

Account flexibility

The account options on the EtherealEquity trading platform took me by complete surprise because I had been expected the usual three to four options that most offer. But, here I discovered twice as many choices because the broker is committed to accommodating different types of traders. They do not use the one-size-fits-all approach for their clients and have added features according to the type of trader each account is designed for.

Thus, you will have to pay for features that you will actually utilize and not for any extras. The minimum account deposit of each account is also adjusted accordingly, with the lowest deposit needed for basic accounts and the highest for professional ones.

Payment solutions

Making deposits and withdrawals can often be a headache for online traders, but the Ethereal Equity broker has made this process so smooth and easy that it does not seem real. This is primarily because they have added a variety of payment solutions to facilitate their clients. Not everyone wants to use the same payment option, so they have given traders the freedom to choose between conventional and modern solutions.

You can use traditional options like bank wire transfers, or go with credit and debit cards, whether VISA or MasterCard, to make your payments. Online payment solutions like Skrill and Neteller are also supported and the broker also allows traders to use cryptocurrencies.

Easy-to-use trading platform

The Ethereal Equity trading platform is one of the most outstanding features of the broker because it makes trading very simple and easy for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a novice trader with absolutely no experience, or a skilled trader, you will face no obstacles in navigating the platform.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to execute trades instantly, but the interface is user-friendly so there is no need to worry about navigation issues. Moreover, it is a web-based platform, which means there is no need to download the software anywhere and install it. This also eliminates a lot of hassle.

24/5 customer support

Another element of the EtherealEquity broker that truly adds to your trading experience is the 24/5 customer support they offer. They have created an entire team of experts to assist traders in dealing with any issue they may encounter on the platform.

They can help with both general queries and technical problems that you might face and resolve them as quickly as possible. You can use the email address given on their website, the phone number, or fill out the contact form and they will get in touch with you.

EtherealEquity customer support

Is EtherealEquity scam or legit?

Verifying the legitimacy of an online broker is vital because you do not want to become a victim of a scam. I did not forget this when I looked into the broker and took my time in reviewing the services and the offerings of the platform thoroughly. Therefore, I can safely say that the broker is genuine and legitimate and is not trying to exploit you.

Wrapping Up

As you can determine from this Ethereal Equity review, the broker can offer you a ton of conveniences when you embark on your trading journey.

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