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The ChatGPT AI language model, powered by a sophisticated algorithm developed by an eminent AI specialist, is ready to enter the trading market with a $50,000 actual portfolio. This week the ChatGPT team held a meeting with experts. Among them is a Wharton Ph.D. and a University of Florida professor named Alejandro Lopez-Lira. This professor developed the ChatGPT algorithm. It was this algorithm that brought a fantastic profit of 400%. 

Who Can Trade With ChatGPT?

Everyone will be allowed to become part of the ChatGPT portfolio. The investment opportunity will be available at the same time as the initial set of trades, allowing interested parties to profit from the AI trading opportunities. 

When Will the Trade Start?

Starting Monday, ChatGPT will begin trading a $50,000 portfolio. At the same time, the knowledge and views gained during meetings with the best traders in the world will be actively used. A dedicated @chatgpttrader account has been created to inform users regularly about the algorithm’s operation, stock selection, analysis, results, and other important information.

Last week, ChatGPT created a real $50,000 portfolio. This week we had the opportunity to chat with AI experts, including the developer of the ChatGPT algorithm, which brought in 400% profit. On Monday, ChatGPT will begin trading a $50,000 portfolio based on the information we have received. Stay with us.

— Chris Josephs (@Chrisjjosephs) May 11, 2023

Mr. Alejandro López-Lira applied GPT technology to analyze news articles and make informed stock trading decisions based on headline sentiment. This innovative approach outperformed traditional sentiment analysis methods and produced an impressive 400% return. 

The Main Merit of ChatGPT

According to the study, ChatGPT has demonstrated the ability to predict stock market returns using headline sentiment analysis. This included evaluating whether the news was favorable, unfavorable, or immaterial to the company’s share price. A positive correlation was observed between the ChatGPT scores, and subsequent daily stock market returns through the assignment of a numeric score.

Beyond conventional stocks, ChatGPT’s foray into the trading industry has promising implications for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, given the dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies, AI-based sentiment analysis can help traders and investors navigate the often volatile market conditions more effectively. ChatGPT can provide vital information to optimize trading strategies and investment decisions in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

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